Simracing: what is it?

Simracing, short for "simulation racing," has evolved from a niche hobby to a globally recognized and growing sector of motorsports in recent years. For many, it is more than just a game – it is a passion that requires realistic driving dynamics, technical knowledge, and strategic thinking. In this blog article, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive insight into the world of simracing, from the basics to the nuances that make this virtual sport so fascinating. We will also discuss the equipment necessary for an optimal simracing experience and how our Simracing Shop in Switzerland can help you elevate your simracing experience to the next level.

What is Simracing?

Simracing is the abbreviation for simulation racing and refers to the virtual driving of cars designed to be as realistic as possible. Drivers use specialized software and hardware to simulate racing situations and vehicle dynamics that closely resemble real races.

The Origins of Simracing

The roots of simracing date back to the 1980s when the first racing games for home computers were developed. Titles like "Pole Position" and "Test Drive" laid the foundation, but it wasn't until the release of games like "Grand Prix Legends" and "Gran Turismo" in the 1990s that the simulation of driving physics and racing conditions reached a new level. These early simulation games began to replicate the complexity and challenges of real motorsports, laying the groundwork for modern simracing.

The Technology Behind Simracing

A key aspect of simracing is the technology that makes it possible to replicate reality as accurately as possible. This includes both software and hardware.

Simracing Software

Modern simracing games, also known as simulation software, offer a variety of features that simulate real racing conditions. Well-known titles in the simracing community include:

  • iRacing: Known for its realistic physics and detailed tracks created using laser scanning technology.
  • Assetto Corsa: Offers an impressive selection of vehicles and tracks with an open platform for modding.
  • Assetto Corsa Competizione: Features licensed cars and tracks from the GT World Challenge series for realistic racing experiences.
  • rFactor 2: Known for its dynamic weather conditions and realistic driving physics.
  • Gran Turismo 7: A popular choice for console players with a good balance between accessibility and realism.
  • F1 2024: The official Formula 1 simulation with licensed vehicles and tracks.

Simracing Hardware

To ensure an authentic driving experience, simracers use a variety of hardware components:

  • Steering Wheels and Pedals: High-quality steering wheels and wheelbases with force-feedback technology that replicate the feel of real road conditions, and pedal sets with realistic pedal weighting and feedback.
  • Racing Seats and Cockpits: Special racing seats and cockpits that provide stability and comfort are essential for long racing sessions.
  • Monitors and VR Headsets: Wide screens or VR headsets that enable an immersive experience and improve peripheral vision.
  • Motion systems: Enhances simracers experience with realistic movement and feedback for immersion.
  • Handbrakes and Shifters: Additional hardware necessary for specific types of racing such as rallying or drifting.

The Appeal of Simracing

Realism and Immersion

A major reason why simracing is so fascinating is its realism. The combination of detailed vehicle physics, realistic track conditions, and high-quality hardware creates a driving experience that comes very close to real motorsports. Many professional drivers use simracing to prepare for real races, as it allows them to learn the tracks and refine their driving techniques.

Competition and Community

Simracing is not only an individual challenge but also a competitive sport. Online races allow you to compete against opponents from around the world. Leagues and championships offer platforms for regular competitions where you can prove your skills. Additionally, there is a vibrant community of simracers who share their experiences, offer tips, and organize events together.


Compared to real motorsports, simracing is relatively accessible. While real motorsports involve high costs and logistical challenges, simracing allows you to dive into the world of racing from home. The initial costs for equipment can vary, but in the long run, it is a more cost-effective alternative to real motorsports.

The Importance of the Right Equipment

To fully realize the potential of simracing, the right equipment is crucial. Quality and precision of the hardware play a central role. In our simracing shop, we offer a selection of high-quality simracing products that meet the needs of all motorsport enthusiasts.

Steering Wheels and Pedals

A high-quality steering wheel set with force feedback is the heart of any simracing setup. Force-feedback technology simulates the forces acting on the steering wheel and gives you a precise feel for the vehicle's behavior. Our selection includes steering wheels and wheelbases from leading brands such as Cube Controls and Simucube, known for their quality and durability.

Racing Seats and Cockpits

A stable racing seat or cockpit frame is also essential to ensure a realistic driving experience. Our products offer not only comfort but also the necessary stability to perform precise steering and braking maneuvers. Adjustable seats and modular cockpits allow you to perfectly adjust the position to your needs.

Monitors, VR Headsets, and Motion Systems

For an immersive experience, we recommend ultra-wide monitors or VR headsets. These devices expand the field of view, offering sharp images and fast response times, crucial for competitive racing. Adding a motion system to your simracing cockpit enhances realism by simulating physical sensations like acceleration, braking and car-weight transfer. Our selection of monitors, VR headsets, and motion systems provides a comprehensive feedback loop, creating unparalleled immersion. Combining high-quality visual and motion feedback offers the most lifelike simracing experience, making every race feel incredibly real.

Personal Advice and Support

In our simracing shop in Switzerland, we not only offer high-quality products but also comprehensive personal advice. Our expert team with over 15 years of experience is available to help you choose the right equipment and answer your questions. Whether you are a beginner taking your first steps in simracing or an experienced simracer looking to upgrade your gear, we are here to help.

Free Consultation

Our free consultation includes a detailed analysis of your needs and recommendations for the best equipment that suits your budget and requirements. We also offer support for setting up your hardware and software to ensure you have the best possible simracing experience. Schedule a free consultation with us today!


Simracing is much more than just a game – it is a demanding and fascinating discipline that brings the thrill of motorsports into the home. With the right equipment and support, you can enjoy a driving experience that rivals real racing. Start your journey into the world of simracing today!

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